flirting tips / getting a guy to notice me?

there's this one guy ive had my eye on

we have only 1 class together (office changed my schedule!)

he sits like in the middle of the room and i sit on the side

but the problem is that im UBER shy

i cant even say hi to him

btw, we're both in high school

any flirting tips or tips to make him notice me?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    that is EXACTLY the same thing that happened to me. I only have one class with him also (the office changed my schedule) and he is SO shy but he did finally ask me to homecoming so just give it time. be a good listener. ask if he is in sports go to one of his games and comment on that to start a conversation. and just talk and be good friends and i guarantee that he notices you right away.

    Good luck (im rooting for ya)

  • 1 decade ago

    omg im having that same exact exact its creepy lol. nd i need the answer to.! i wanna like talk to the guy already but its so nerve-racking

  • 1 decade ago

    bump into him on the way out then say "oh my gosh! sorry!" then wait for him to say something then walk with him out and ask wat class he has next then if ur class is near his then say"oh my class is near there ill just wqalk with you then (=" then when u get near ur class say okay see you later then the next day say" hi _____ ill just walk with you again kay? ;D" then make convo and stuff! kkkk hope this helps! (=

    Source(s): the awesome girls club (=
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