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whats better creatine or protein?and whats the diffrence?

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    day Dreamer is 100% correct. If you want more simplification, creatine supplements (although this is WAY over simplified) work on cellular energy and consume a lot of water (..again, that is extremely basic). Protein is essential for lifting and recovery, however, and (this is very simplified also) is pretty much what a lot is made up of (like muscle), it allows for certain functions in the body, and it is used by just about everything. I am not sure how to explain this simply and still get across a more complex point, but here is the bottom line: You need protein for everything. You do not need to take creatine supplements, but if you want to, you should already be getting appropriate amounts of protein. Protein (like whey protein, drinking a LOT of skim milk, eating lots of lean meat, etc) will make more of a difference than just about everything when you lift hard, and other things like creatine can add benefits to that. Don't just go for creatine because it sounds better or because your friend who doesn't even know how it works told you you should. If you don't have a proper diet or you aren't getting enough protein, creatine will indirectly be fairly ineffective anyway.

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    protein is a nutrient.. you need it to consume it to build muscle. creatine is a supplement that draws water to your muscles to give you an extra boost of strength if you take like 5g of it a day.

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    creatine is used in creatine-phosphate synthesis(first energy system), protein is used for amino acids and rarely ATP production

    Source(s): exercise physiology student
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