cell phone e-mail picture to yahoomail?

if i send a pic with my fone to my e-mail.. how much will it charge?

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    $00.00 There is no charge it is basicely like sending any other email.

    Send Pictures From Cell Phone to Computer:

    a) Go to the "MMS" or "multimedia message" menu on the cell phone

    b) Choose the "options" soft key below the screen, or "Add" on some mobile phones and select "image" from the list.

    c) Select the options menu again and select "Add recipient" or "send to". This varies depending on type of cell phones.

    d) Enter the email address you wish to send the picture(s) to and press "send"

    e) That's it, the picture will now be sent from the cellphone via email to the receivers email address where they can simply check their email and see the attached picture(s)

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