A.D.D.,O.D.D.,ADHD,PMS,PMDD,BIPOLAR,SAD, do you think we have an excuse for all of our behaviors?

or is it all justified?

just take a couple of pills, you will feel better in no time.

although with bipolar and schizophrenia I hear those REALLY need to be addressed with medication.

any thoughts on this?


just to be clear, I am not against the treatment of people that truly need it, I too have seen kids with ADHD, their parents having tried many other interventions with no success and an amazing difference with the right medication.

I however do believe that as a society we are quick to jump on the pill wagon to cure all....

I heartily approve of meds used correctly but too often I hear of parents selling or using their childrens stimulants, and this I think is sad.

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    If you introduced medicines for these conditions on a Polynesian Island culture, they would say the pills were magic and set up a shrine around the pill bottle.

    Since we think everything is consumer oriented and we believe in instant gratification we filter the pills through that. The pills don't work better by being called magic and they REALLY don't work better by being treated as "magic bullets" which is consumer talk for the thing that is going to make me okay. Okay is not a normal state, it is a transient state between strawberry fcuked up and vanilla fcuked up.

    Life is Baskin Robbins, you eventually get 39 flavors and no pill can hold that back forever. but sometimes a pill can get you from point A to point B where you can better swallow Cherry Fudge Ripple when it comes along.

    So far as I am concerned the treatments for bipolar and schizophrenia are sometimes worse than the diseases, but I am not a doctor or expert of any kind and my biases are not advice.

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    Some of the disorders that you mention are very real disorders and cannot be justified. Trouble is, is that these disorders get diagnosed too often and at times it is not the right diagnosis but the doctor has to write something down on the insurance forms. Bipolar and Schizophrenia are very real diseases and only medication can alleviate the symptoms to some degree. Mental illnesses are all a crying shame for anyone to endure. I know of some very great people who have had to endure mental illness all there lives and they are tortured by their demons. Abraham Lincoln had Major Depression. Vincent Vongoe had schizophrenia. Patty Duke has bipolar, etc. A lot of famous people have these illnesses and with the right medication can lead very normal and productive lives. The same is true for the disorders mentioned above.

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    I agree that as a society we think everything can be cured with one pill or another. Anythime we go to the doctor to help us with a problem we are simply given a perscription for something that doesn't usuall work anyway. And we may even be persribed another pill to counteract the heath problems associated with the first pill, and so on until we have a whole daily pillbox. Our health is then totally messed up, and when we think about it, we may have been better off just dealing with the first problem. Yes, selling other people's medications is horrible. What's really horrible is that most medications are just there for the drug companies to get rich. It's legal street drugs. Think about it, what's the difference between taking pot for stress or taking some pill the doctor prescribes? Both have side effects. In situation B the drug industry makes money. That's the difference. This is a problem mostly in north america. Most European countries have free prescriptions, and the rest of the world is not as bad as this either. It's disguting and you can in fact find books on the topic, as I have. Furthermore, doctors are not paid to care. Many do, but many don't. They don't get paid more for spending more time with patients, and in fact have quotas to meet as to how many patients they must have and therefore aren't supposed to spend more than 10 minutes per patient. Also, the fewer questions they ask you, the less documentation they have to wright. Sadly, they only treat sickness once it becomes severe, and do not practice good health and prevention very much. (My step-dad was a family doctor until he killed himself; he actually did care but there were so many rules that made it hard)

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    Yes we make excuses for all our behaviors but there are a lot of medical issues in the world. Lets face it this is a depressing and hard time to be alive. True we no longer have to hunt for food and build our own homes and we have toilet paper =) Yet we have a better understanding of the human condition than ever before and due to that we can see how things affect people and causes issues with their health. Also what you say has some truth today instead of learning to deal with things we often go to the doctor and ask for a pill. That is both good and bad.

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    As someone that works in the behavioral health field and sees the discrimination people with these disorders suffer everyday, it is a lack of knowledge that fuels ideas of excuses. I have seen many children that truly suffer from ADHD and one pill completely changes their outlook and ability to focus and do school work. O.D.D. cant be controlled with medication however some medications do help to even the person's anger out which can be helpful for them and those that come into contact with them. Bipolar and schizophrenia are difficult disorders also that can make life much more challenging.

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    Short Attention Span conditions are caused by the inability to use full words.

    For ADHD, I found the ultimate solution was to get addicted to coffee. Most of the medications for ADHD and Hyperactivity, much less other Attention Deficit problems are stimulants, some of them are actually a form of Speed. Coffee is a stimulant, and it is legally dispensed over the counter without federal intervention of any kind.

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    I think the dismaying and disgusting trend in modern American society is to blame external factors for our behavior and to try to duck responsibility. That said tho, I think we are full of distresses moreso all the time and those are in themselves worthy of our attention and attempts at relief.

    So, for example, no it's not XYZ disorder, you're just bored and dis-interested in school. But why are you? Well there's a reason. It's usually emotional, and no one likes to go there. Oh no, it's emotional - does that mean bonding and attachment issues? In the family? In MY family? etc. Well yes it does.

    Or, you can have Door # 2, behind which is a "disorder" for which we can pharmaceutically knock the little bastard unconscious and restore peace to the world without having had to blame anyone or charge anyone with doing any actual emotional WORK.

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    We are inveterate labelers. We are more comfortable if we can give something a label. As for the particular labels you gave, it just means we are people with all the flaws, foibles and characterizations of our specie. The bad thing about labels is they too can be characterized as to good and bad. When they are labeled as bad, we feel compelled to correct them rather than simply dealing with them as foibles of a special personality. Put enough pressure on anyone and they will begin to develop anomalous behavior, but then again, there is money to be made in treatment. We prate about routine and monotonous behavior and encourage spontaneity, but be spontaneous in the wrong setting and its off to the doctor for you! We do not tolerate special personalities at all well like we used to. We tend to look for the monotone and familiar, distrusting any variation.

  • You pack a complex issue into a simple question.

    These ailments are not "excuses" or "justifications" for behaviors. They are _explanations_. Yes, they are real too, though in some cases (like ADD) they can sometimes be overdiagnosed. One should not use these ailments for excuses, but neither should they be dismissed out of hand.

    And yes, bipolar & schizo. are serious. I have no problem with treating any of these with meds--why choose to suffer?--but those two are especially important to seek treatment for.

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    To some extent. But I have depression and ADD and it's crazy how much better life is with the right medicine, regardless of whether these disorders are classified as 'excuses' or actual mental diseases. Honestly, I think it's a matter of opinion. But don't judge people with these disorders until you've experienced them yourself, because you have absolutely no idea what it's like.

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