Laptop shows system recovery options after a spill?

So I spilled some water on the laptop yesterday. It wasn't much and I did turn it off right away and let it dry. After some time I turned it on and everything was working great for the rest ofthe day. Next day I turn it on and I see a screen with system recovery options. I chose the first one which is called "Startup Repair" that automatically fixes problems. After three hours it still kept on looking so I stopped it. I want to know what might be the problem. I dont think its the hard drive as its not making any unusual noise. I called HP and they said that it might be the motherboard but he did say that maybe it could be fixed over the phone. I didnt want to risk losing $50 for over the phone help (out of warranty) since I want to know what are the odds that its the motherboard. My laptop is TX2000 HP.


How do you do System recovery with safe mode?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First, try to let the computer finishing repairing. Let it run over night (long period of time) to see if your laptop is able to recover. There are many other thing could cause that search, have you try on safe mode? Use system recovery with safe mode will be another option.

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