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What are some interesting events in History?

I have to do a paper and there is so much to chose from. I would do the Holocaust or something like that but a bunch of people are doing that, so I wanted to do something different.

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    Invention of the printing press

    invention of paper

    invention of paper money

    money creation

    the reformation

    the spanish inquisition

    the spanish armada

    english civil war

    american revolution

    french revolution

    Discovery of Oil in the middle east

    Industrial revolution

    assassination of JFK

    assassination of ceaser

    fall of the roman empire

    fall of the british empire

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    The United States Revoulation. Is Pretty Good One. So Much Information On it it would Be an Easy Assigment

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    discovery of gun powder

    carefull planning of d day

    alexander the greats asian campaign

    fall of rome

    armistrice ending WW1

    american war of independance

    french revolution

    american civil war

    attack on pearl harbour

    kenedy shot

    atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki


    obama becoming president

    are some ideas i wasnt sure if there was a time period or just history in general so i gave a few from kinda era. hope it helps

    EDIT:i just remebered

    listen to the song "we didnt start the fire" billy joel and

    "europa" globus

    they got some good stuff in em

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    The American Civil War. It was the dawn of modern warfare which many people may find interesting.

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