why does the fuse keep going out in my 1994 ford mustang?

the fuse that controlls the cig lighter and driver's seat keeps blowing out. when I looked online to see which fuse I needed to replace it said that a 20 watt fuse was supposed to make these work. When I opened the hood I found a 30 watt fuse in that place so I just replaced it with another 30 watt fuse. Now it seems like I have to replace it every other day. plus I think that fuse is what makes the door make that beeping noise when it's ajar and that beeping goes off at random times (like when the door is shut). Is there maybe a short that is over working the fuse?? please help... i'm pretty mechanically challenged :(

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    There must be a 12 volt circuit shorted to ground which is blowing the fuse. It really needs to be traced by a professional.

    However, a very common cause is something dropping into the cigarette lighter receptacle. I've removed many dimes and pennies. Check it out. http://www.realworldautomotive.com/

  • Joe L
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    1 decade ago

    Sounds like you have a short circuit. If it's the fuse that the lighter is on, look inside the lighter with a flashlight. Maybe something fell in there.

    BTW, when you replace a fused with a higher amperage fuse than the circuit was designed for, you are running a risk of fire. The purpose of a fuse is to stop the current from flowing when there is more current than the circuit was designed for. If it does not stop soon enough, the wires will overheat and may catch fire.

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