All I need is a Boyfriend!?

I feel like my life is on track except one thing. I never approached guys before but I do know how to flirt. I see cute guys everyday but I dont know how to get their attention. I smile like any flirty girl would but maybe im not doing enough?? Deep inside I want to just go up to guys, stop them, and just tell them how cute I think they are and ask for their number. I guess in the back of my mind, Im scared to be rejected or hear that he has a girlfriend?? I could really use some adivice on how to approach guys. What specific lines do I start out with that will engage the guy to want to talk to me without rejection or thinking im a creep or desperate?? Details, Details, Details!!!

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  • Amanda
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    1 decade ago
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    well, sorry i cant be much help, at least in the form that youre looking for it in.

    but what id say is just go up to them and ask them. dont worry about being rejected, what are the options? hed say ok, heres my number, which would be the ideal, or hed say oh i have a girlfriend or uhmm no. in which case, what happened? he said no? oh well. there are other guys out there. pick one, go after him, see if anything happens, nothing, go for the next.

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