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whats the fastest and highest quality crauch rocket available for $3000?

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    Depends on what length your going to run. If your going for pick up speed its the Honda CBR600RR which, for more then a quarter mile though go for the Suzuki GSXR600

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    You want what for how little? Bawahahahaahahahahaha

    For $3 G's probably Kymco has a 250 for ya, or perhaps one of the other chinese imports, but nothing Japanese is available new for that money.

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    I got an 01 cbr 929rr. but it was pretty much a steal for the 3000 I paid. Use craigslist

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    crotch NOT crauch. And since crauch rockets do not exist, the answer is...

    buy a dictionary and learn to spell.

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  • tom T
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    lots of nice used SPORT BIKES out there for sale spell check is free!

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    you are a squid.

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