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do you know how i can make tofu more appetizing?

i'm a new vegetarian and i find tofu hard to swallow :]

do you know some good recipes :]

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    I have exactly the same problem but I love it when prepared it this way-

    1. Cut firm tofu into approx 1-2 cm cubes

    2. Marinade tofu on a plate with just enough soy sauce, lime juice and finely chopped ginger to fill base of plate for approximately half an hour, turning over cubes half way through. (you can add different flavours to marinade such as chilli and garlic- be creative and mix it up a little!)

    3. Heat generous amount of oil (1-2 tbsp) in pan.

    4. Fry tofu cubes until golden brown on outside.

    5. Add to your favourite rice or noodle recipes or enjoy as a side dish. You can even tip marinade over rice/nodles as sauce!

    I like it this way because it's so versatile. You can marinade it in all your favourite sauces!

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    If it is silken tofu:

    Make some sugar syrup (75ml water, 150g sugar) pour over and eat as dessert. This is very popular dessert in Asia. Or use palm sugar syrup, soymilk milk, maple syrup, almond milk etc

    You can also put them in a blender with some fruit (like strawberry, mango etc) and make fruity pudding.

    You can steamed it, drizzle with soy sauce and olive oil and shallot or chilli. You can make cold tofu dessert or agedashi tofu ...

    I have many tofu recipes at my blog (with pictures too), just click on the tofu label on the right hand side panel.

    have fun : )

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    alright this is easy :]

    how about some stir fry tofu?

    just cut up some veggies. any!

    carrots, peppers, chillies, onions, broccoli, and more!

    make sure to get the extra firm & organic tofu!

    1) drain the water out of the box. make sure to get all the water out! cut into squares or bite size pieces, any size! but not too small because that's hard to cook.

    2) get a plate and place about three paper towels on the plate. put the tofu on the plate and put another three paper towels on the tofu. then put a plate on the paper towels, and press on it.

    this will soak all the water and moist out!

    leave it for about 30 minutes.

    3) get a pan and lightly pour oil all over the pan.

    4) put the cubes in the pan and just spread them around. move them around, side to side.

    5) leave the cubes on the side till one side gets crispy golden brown.

    6) occasionally turn the cubes so ALL sides get crispy golden brown. dont get all the sides completely brown

    7) put the tofu aside.

    8) put your cut up tiny pieces of veggies onto the pan.

    veggies like onions, carrots, tomatoes, chillies, peppers, celery, & broccoli

    9) just move them around till they get fried, looked brown, and cooked.

    10) put the tofu back [with the veggies!]

    11) move them around a lot, side to side. after that just leave it and let it sizzle. then move them around again!

    12) pour the soy sauce and mix the tofu+ veggies around at the same time. don't worry if you put to much or too little. it will still taste good!

    13) after pouring the soy sauce, mix and move the tofu and veggies around for a while, let them sizzle.

    once they look done, and the tofu is crispy golden brown, it's done!

    serve with brown rice or noodles.

    yuuuuuuuummy :]

    Source(s): moi. that's how i first cooked tofu!
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    Here's a quick way to prepare a delicious tofu sandwich.

    -Place two slices of whole wheat bread in the toaster.

    -While your bread is in the toaster, slice your tofu into 1/4 inch slices.

    - Lay the tofu on the first slice of bread being sure to cover the whole slice.

    - Sprinkle the tofu with salt, onion/parsley seasonings, and basil. If you want veggies as well, you add finely chopped broccoli, bell peppers, or leafy greens.

    - Add the second slice of toast.

    You're done! Depending on the veggies that you used, preparation time takes 5-10mins.

    It's delicious, give it a try. Best wishes!

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  • If you get the Chinese (water packed) tofu, try freezing it. I have tips in my profile on how to freeze and press tofu.

    Then check out for recipes.

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    Chill the softest ("silken") grade of tofu, cut into cubes, drizzle lemon juice, soy sauce, and sprinkle chopped green onions. A cool and refreshing appetizer or even dinner salad for a hot day.

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    1 decade ago I didn't use the last four ingredients but it was still delicious. I used Veganaise on half and hummus on another half, instead of the dressing the recipe called for. I also tried another half plain. They were all very good.

    Don't forget you have to press the tofu first!

    Source(s): Vegetarian for five years. Vegan in diet lately. Tofu noob.
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    Fry the firm tofu. Cut it lengthwise and fry each piece in vegetable oil. Top it with your favorite barbeque sauce. I enjoy it and I hope you will too.

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    try going into the and look for recipes for tofu try going into guy fiere or try rachel ray

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