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How do i send letters to korea from america?

I need to know how to write the address (what order)

Where to write the address and my home address


Can i put a small item in the envelope with the letter?

How long will it take with the average USPS international mail service

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    upper left hand corner your address,



    city, state

    zip code

    middle the address you want it sent to.



    city county

    two regular stamps for 2 ounces

    if it makes a bump, no. use a padded envelope or box.

    3-7 days

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    There is no international stamp. You need enough postage to deliver the letter, and if you are sending a small item you should go to the post office to have it weighed.

    If they know there is something other than a letter you will need to fill out a customs form.

    It takes about 1 week for mail to get to South Korea.

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    if ur just sending a letter with like paper money just ask for a international stamp insted of regular. im not sure about packages

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