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After Noah's flood, did God help build some of the Egyptian pyramids? Cuz there wouldn't be enough workforce?

because only Noah and eight other family members were left alive after wards.

Did God also help make all the other massive buildings that were constructed around 4000 BC because I don't think Noah and his family traveled around the world building all them with so few people.

You would need hundreds of thousands of people right after the worldwide flood happened.

How is that possible, unless God helped to build all these constructions?


There were about 5 pyramids been built when the flood was happening.

There was bunch of other things being built during the flood as well, outside of Egypt.

Update 2:


Stupid answer - I'm talking about the pyramids that were built shortly AFTER the flood happened, how would they be built so quickly if there was only eight people alive to build them (Noah and his family)?

You would need a massive workforce!

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    The whole Noahs Ark story is the most implausible story that Christians have ever tried to defend. Where did Noah find a penguin, kangaroo, or a platypus is Palestine?

    *Falls off chair laughing*

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    Did you know that the Pyramid of Khufu was never completed, because the capstone was stolen and carried off to Scotland, where it became the Stone of Scone?

    Or that the Stone of Scone (which is the missing capstone of the Pyramid of Khufu) appears on the American dollarbill with God's eye (meaning "Who stole my capstone and took it to Scotland?????").

    You think I am making this up? Research the British Israelite movement.

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    Yes, and if you look at the number of years it would take to produce that many people to construct the pyriamid alone (which were thousands). It would take centuries to reach a point in repopulation in which you would have 2-3000 adult men/women living at one time.

    Source(s): A Deist.
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    god helps everyone not physically but divinely, he didnt detroy pyramids coz he wanted to leave a lesson to the people that like the bodies are preserved in the pyramids, god will similarly preserve our bodies and resurrect us on the day of judgement so that we r paid according to our deeds..

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    shoot, even as an atheist I know an easy answer to this one. They were built before the flood. when the waters lowered they were still there.

    dumb question.

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    if you believe noahs ark, how the hell do you believe that there was anybody living in 4000 bce if the bible starts there?

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    The flood never happened, that's how.

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    they had advanced technology back then. but all traces of it have been lost for some reason.

    and they sure didn't build those pyramids with a bunch of slave labour rollin logs around.

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