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my dog used to be really fit...not anymore!!!HELP?

my dog used to be super fit!!! she basically had a 6 pack!!! now she is a little bit chubby but we are still walking her alot! she is a 4 year old lab!!

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    Labs are naturally a very energetic dog. My family has about 8 labs now and they are all hyper dogs. Dogs, like most other animals adapt to their environment. So if you have a small house or little room for them to run and play they usually will become obese. Another prolblem could be their diet. Depending on the size, age of the dog, and type of food you feed them (wet,dry) you should adjust accordingly. With all of our dogs we only feed them dry food twice a day. If you have looked into these issues already I would recommend seeing a vet because there could also be a number of health issues.

    Hope this helps.

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    You may be overfeeding her without realising it. Do you have a picture of her?

    Labs especially can gain weight very rapidly. If you give her extra at dinner or give her too many treats you will notice it almost straight away.

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    She may need more than just walking. Get her in an all out running game of fetch or chase everyday. Walking isn't enough exercise.

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    be sure not to let the food sit out all day long.

    walking doesn't burn as many calories as chasing balls, frisbees and playing tug of war.

    Source(s): owner of a former chunky yorkie, then i picked up the food as soon as she walked away.
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    same with my beagle we put him on purina fit and trim on top of walking him 3 miles a day some days more and it worked fast

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    active activities

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    less food, more exercise

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