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Am I ever forced to take a polygraph?

I work at a bank as a teller and a customer is accusing me of stealing his money. Though the accusation is entirely ludicrous, he's insisting that he'll go through any means necessary to prove me wrong, mentioning a lie detector. At this point he's really become just a huge jerk about the whole thing and I'm not interested in entertaining the notion that I'd do such a thing... I don't want to give him the satisfaction of submitting me to a test... so can I ever be FORCED to take a lie detector test?

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    In this case, it would depend on what you signed when you were hired. In amongst all the forms you signed may have been one stating that you'd submit to a polygraph test at the company's discretion. If they do ask you to take one, demand to see such authorization.

    Outside of such a form, there's nothing I know of in labor law allowing such testing without your consent.

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    No, you cannot be forced to take a lie detector test. However, if your policy states you are required to take one (which where I work at, it states my employer can request a polograph test to be given to an employee when necessary. If I do not comply, I will be terminated) and you do not, you can be terminated.

    Honestly, this is only my opinion, people who do not take polograph tests makes them look like they have something to hide. With your explanation of the reason why do you not want to take one, only makes it look like just an excuse.

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    Unless it is in your employment agreement or employee hand book you should not have to take one. I would not ever take one anyway. If you pass it, they say that you beat it and if you flunk it, they say "We knew she was guilty". It's usually a lose-lose situation.

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