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Content Protect Help?

Okay, I purchased a used computer a month ago; I bought it in order for me to write, create graphics, and edit my illustrations. Logging onto the Internet was not my main intention, but I use it occasionally. There was a program called Content Protect on it, which would not let me access the internet and asked me for an uninstall password. I didn't have it, so I contacted Content Watch. They would not do anything for me because the computer belonged to an 'e-school' client; the school referred to never mailed me back.

I have loads of stuff already saved on the computer and the bad thing is it won't let me save ANYTHING on a disc and I don't want to lose all my work. So, I downloaded an uninstall program from my works computer. I thought it worked because Content Protect is not listed under programs any longer, but now I'm getting an error message and still cannot access the internet.

Can anybody help me? So far my search has been fruitless. . .

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    Here is what I would do if I was in your situation. I would use my McAffee to clean all temp files, registry errors, and lost files which are files that belong to programs that no longer needed. You don't need McAffee to do this. You just need a program that can clean temp files, fix registry errors, and deal with lost files.

    It sounds like a registry issue to me where there is information in your registry that is still trying to make the program run. That content Protect sounds like a mean program. I'll have to remember not to ever buy it.

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