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What does it take for a court to turn over custody?

My girlfriend has an almost 4 year old son and has custody of him, but the father of her son, is allowed to see him on the weekends. The thing is I am about to graduate from college and will be leaving the state. I would like to take them with me but because of the custody, we are very limited. The father has repeatedly missed court dates and has had bench warrants out for his arrest, skipped drug tests, shaved his entire body before a hair folical test, and cannot and will not hold a steady job. He is making getting more custody a personal thing towards my girlfriend and it needs to stop.

I love her and her son but what can we do?

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    you need to check with your local law but likely you just need to file a notice of relocation and motion to modify visitation. You will need to prove that the move will be beneficial to the child- not to the mom alone. Look into schools, etc. and show how the child's quality of life would substantially improve. Also cite the unfitness of the other parent regarding drugs, etc. I would also get married- i don't think it would be beneficial to say to a judge that mom is just moving to be with her boyfriend. They tend to frown on that type of behavior. Marry the girl!

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