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simple ALGEBRA question! PLEASE HELP (10 POINTS)!!?

need help on my algebra homework.

IF someone could solve the first two problems and show how they got them, it will help me understand better...THANKS!

first problem: 4x-1 over x(squared)-4 MINUS 3(x-1) over x-2

SIMPLIFY: -5/6 - 1/x= 2/-3

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    4x-1 over x(squared)-4 MINUS 3(x-1) over x-2

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    your first problem does not make sense. that's like having a fraction like this: 1/4/3


    add -5/6 to 2/-3, therefore moving it over to the other side of the equation.

    then you have:

    -1/x= -7/6

    then multiply both sides by -1, i think? so you'll have x=(fraction)

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    You're too naive to put the Algebra on this section.

  • 1 decade ago do realize you're posting in the religion section, don't you?

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