Metal Gear Solid Series... Are they going to bring Snake back.?

After MGS4 Snake decides to retire... Well he pretty much made the MG series. Does anyone know if he is done for good of if they are going to bring him back. It wouldn't make sense to make a game about jack cause he promised not to leave again, and snake is pretty much a loner.. But It would be nice if they could maybe fix Snake's aging prob and continue the story. Give me some feed back on this.

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  • Adam C
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    1 decade ago
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    Snake is not coming back--not as a playable character, at least. The only way it could happen is if they make a prequel, and as for a story taking place after MGS4, there's not really much left to do. The Patriots are done, and any story taking place afterward would be pretty weak.

    Rising is rumoured to take place before and during MGS4, and some people speculate that it may even have some parts after that story, but I don't see it happening. (Remember Raiden in the hospital with his family?)

    Kojima has stated that Peace Walker is to be like a Metal Gear Solid 5, in that it is part of that overall story arch. So, you don't get to be SOLID Snake, but you do get to be A Snake.

  • 1 decade ago

    well i have heard a while now that they are going to make a brand new character for the Metal Gear Series but he did not say anything more until close to the release of Metal Gear 5

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