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How can I help my really close friend stop smoking/drinking?

My friend is an alcoholic and smokes like a freight train. He has been smoking for almost 4 years and he just turned 18 which is even worse. Me and my friends think he smokes about 2 packs a day plus weed. He has been drinking for a much longer time. We are so worried because we are afraid he might not make it to graduation this year, or any year for that matter :'( I know we can never make him stop as it is his own choice but is there any way we can help him stop? He is one of my best friends and I don't know what I'd do without him.

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    unfortunately there isnt much you can do other than be supportive (of your friend, not your friends addiction). stopping addictive behavior is something that only the addict can decide to do on his/her own. be strong and dont give up hope.

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    I think this is one of your best decisions. You must know what are the advantages of quitting:

    This will keep you and him motivated throughout. My friend was chain smoker and he quit. He use to say, just be mentally strong and you can do it. Here are some tips that helped him:

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