Can someone tell me what this means?

She has called for silly reasons, she has bought me a gift and it wasnt my b-day or anything, She said that maybe we can get together and do something, and that she would come visit me this week. For the first 4 months or so we didnt really talk at all and when we did it was only for a few mins, now its like 20 to 30 mins. She has done all the calling i havent tried calling her at all. We usually talk at least once a week. She is also still doing things for me, it has been six months since we split and she ended it and at the time she didnt know if she even wanted to be friends with me. We havent disucssed anything about being friends now. She also is asking me to do things for her and this is strange because she is very very independent. Does she want to get back together? She also doesnt ever stay in contact with any of her ex's let alone buy them things. I also noticed in talking with her today that she has the tone in her voice like she did when we first got together kinda flirty and nice.

When i asked her what she wanted between us she said that she wants to definately start hanging out as friends but she doesnt have time to devote to a relationship right now and that she is still leary on getting back with me, because i told her before we were together that i liked a girl at work, this was almost a year before we got together and since dont want more then a friendship with this girl but she doesnt believe me . What is going on? Is she just scared of getting back with me now

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    sounds like she wants to keep you close to her but is scared of getting back with you....why did u tell her u liked another gir? smart move eh??....if ur interested in her still and u really want to get back with her you should prove to her that u still like/love her w/e....anyways being friends will be a great start because if she still really likes u then her feelings will continue to grow stronger....but if u remove urself from her life then her feelings will stay close to her

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    I think she likes u! But i dont think she wants a relationship right now. Maybe if u try flirting back by calling her b4 she calls u. It shows her that ur open for a relationship. Be her knight in shining armor... But dont over do it!!

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    She likes you but probably thinks your beter just friends

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    1 decade ago

    its obvious she just wants to talk

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