what could my dreams mean?

ok for the last two nights I've had these crazy dreams about people in my family trying to kill me. lol. Its funny, but kinda creepy. The first night I dreamed that my mother shot me, and the 2nd night I dream that my cousin stabbed me! lol. I know that these people would never ever try to kill me, but I just thought It was kinda weird that I had these kind of dreams two nights in a row. So what could these dreams mean?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you see one can speculate on many theories but i can formulate that this is a warning! be careful of the bad light,this happens when your aura is disturbed by untrust,people that play two sides of the fence. never underestimate who you really think who can cause you no harm because if they wanted to they can!just take caution with other people by not saying too much,also you learn more by listening! go to the peaceful thoughts!

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe they're not going to literately kill you, but maybe they will do something that will disappoint you. Make sure you are ready to discuss things through in an adult manner.

    Source(s): Jesus loves you.
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