I think that I have OCD/Depression?? (PLEASE HELP ME)?

I think that I have OCD because when I wash my hands it has to be for an even amount of seconds that I am washing them for. When I am writing if I mess up the sentence then I have to erase it and start writing it all over again. When I pack my backpack at night for school I check about 4 to 6 times to make sure I have everything and that I'm not missing anything. When I am reading if I miss read a sentence I have to start the paragraph all over again. I think that I am depressed too I constantly find myself being sad. Although I may not show it and I think that is why I have OCD I think that depression led me to OCD. What do you guys think?? I don't know how to tell anyone and I don't know who to tell?? I feel really stupid and ashamed to tell anyone. Please help me.


But the thing is I can't I'm 16. It's not like I can go some where with out telling my parents. I just can't get my self to tell my parents. Not even a friend.

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    1 decade ago
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    Don't feel stupid or ashamed at all. You seem to have mild OCD, but it's not that bad. Some people allow it to progress so far that they won't leave their house without purell in hand. I advise you to talk to a therapist ASAP. This doesn't mean this is your fault. It just means your brain is wired differently and that's causing you to feel a need for repetitive behavior. A therapist will teach you to confront your needs and refuse to listen to those little urges. It will be hard, but eventually you will overcome your OCD and be free. I don't know as much about depression, but that, too, can be overcome. Talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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