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How can I get my Tiger Oscar darker?

He's about 12 months old I'm guessing and about 6 inches long. I got him about a week ago, I bought him because I missed my old Oscars I used to have and he didn't look good and wasn't happy in the small tank he was in so I bought him, plus I know the owner of the pet store so he sold him to me cheap for $10. Now he's very happy and swims all over the tank. I was just wondering if I could get his color darker or anything? I thought the lighting effects there colors or something, I have no clue so thats why im asking on here. He has the very bright orange coloration on him like Tiger Oscars should but I want the rest of him the dark black/blue color they usually are, right now his back fins are dark but his face is like a greenish color. well let me know!

Thanks, Joey.

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    He is still young for an Oscar. Like all fish, there are variations in the same species. some tigers are light, some dark. he might get darker as he gets older. to appear darker? Perhaps use darker rocks and plants. Fish sometimes will change color to match the background a bit more, like they fade their colors at night to be less noticeable. A good, varied diet will help his color, but I don't now if it will "darken" him.

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    I think if it's a boy the colors will darken with sexual maturity. I would bet the pet store "adopted" the fish when it outgrew someones tank. I knew a guy who owned a pet store that would show up in the morning to find oscars in buckets on the front sidewalk and he'd sell them cheap. The response earlier had all good advice like darker gravel as most fish are part chameleon. Try frozen french cut green beans, my fish love them.

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