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Does anyone know what can i do so i can stop myself from going on a shopping spree because of my fetish ?

I think i have the worst fetish in the world and i need you to help because i am about to go on a shopping spree because of my fetish. I have an high heel shoe fetish and somehow it attracts me and i have this fetish that it'll make me go buy womens shoes constantly because of whenever i see a different shoe style. Whenever i see a women in a different shoe with a different style of shoe i would make myself go over and buy something similar to that. I already bought something on monday because of this fetish, but its making me go buy more stuffs. Does anyone know what i could do so i can stop myself from going and buying more shoes ??? Can anyone please help me out ??? This is all a secret and my parents doesn't know about it, but it would be terrible if they ever finded out that i like womens stuffs.

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    Well I'm wondering are you buying these shoes so you can have women wear them during sex or for yourself to wear? Whichever one of these situations you are in is completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of. I have somewhat of a shopping addiction and the only way I have been able to control it is by avoiding stores and malls in general. If I go to a mall I make a purchase, it is inevitable, therefore I do not tempt myself. Another good thing is to set aside some money strictly for shopping and then you can "spree" four times a year (winter, fall, spring, summer) to keep yourself up on the latest trends. I dream about skirts and shirts all the time and this will probably never go away but this is how I have decided to manage it.

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    I once blew over a thousand dollars on website products, with credit. I only use 2% of what I brought.

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    You need therapy, you can't solve this by yourself and without professional help. It would be cheaper to just look online at that stuff. I think, not sure if they charge you.

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