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Rate my Fantasy Football Team?

This is as of today. I might still have some trades in mind.

10 team league

QB-Aaron Rodgers

WR-Larry Fitzgerald

WR-Braylon Edwards

WR-Patrick Crayton

RB-Steve Slaton

RB-Joseph Addai

TE-Jeremy Shockey


K-Stephen Gostkowski

B-Dominek Hixon

B-Reggie Bush

B-JaMarcus Russell

B-Chad Pennington

B-Leon Washington

B-John Carney

B-Visanthe Shiancoe

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    I like it but I worry about Braylon Edwards. He had a bad year last year and nothing to write home about week 1. Hopefully he comes around but I'd be looking to pick up another one or even just put in Dominik Hixon. Also, Reggie Bush is overrated but you've probably figured that out!

    I think Rodgers, Fitzgerald, Slaton, Giants and Gostowski are all right near the top of the league, if not #1 at their spots. I'd say you should be .500 or slightly better and will at least be in the hunt for the playoffs.

    PS - I'm a Raider fan but...you can probably drop Jamarcus Russell

  • 1 decade ago

    I think you got a pretty good team...7/10

    only problems might be Edwards and a weak bench

    but otherwise u gotta winning team...plz rate my team


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