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Jupiter in Virgo in the 6th House?

What does this mean?

is it good or bad?

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    Virgo earth on the 6th cusp is the natural sign placement of this house. You pay great attention to personal health, work and other areas associated with this house. Actually, with Jupiter, you may be overly concerned with details. Their is an urge for perfection in everything and this position can make you too fussy about those details, and overly critical.

    On the plus side, such perfectionism , when balanced and well integrated, can make for an accomplished person and one who excels at everything. You are capable of breaking down large projects into smaller tasks and getting to the root of the problem. Actually, this is a good position for research work. On the downside, you can be picky with co-workers and even employees

    Healthwise, the intestives and digestion are two sensitive area. You may like to keep your body fit but with Jupiter, is may push you to over-eating and this can affect the health at maturity. On the one hand, diet and nutrition interest you as well as medicine.

    With Jupiter, you prefer more gentle occupations that provide social status and pleasant working conditions. On the negative side, you are overly concerned with details. Jupiter adds optimism and vision and understanding of one's job. If afflicted, Jupiter here can give a tendency to overindulgence in food and drink, leading to liver problems and general digestion as I pointed out above.


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    Jupiter In The 6th House

  • Jupiter(Virgo) in the 6th house indicates an active interest in serving others. These people take an expansive attitude toward their jobs. There is a desire to do something practical to contribute to the social order. In work, these people are benevolent and kind to their co-workers. They are fair, honest and seek to do their jobs well. They are concerned with detail; precise, organized and responsible.

    There is often interest in health and hygiene. These people may have an interest in holistic medicine, and other forms of healing that take care of both mind and body. They dislike any form of sloppiness and uncleanliness, unless Jupiter is afflicted.

    If afflicted health problems may arise due to overindulgence, often resulting in liver problems. There may be a lazy, sanctimonious attitude toward work. This person may be the type to push their work on others, or there may be a holier-than-though attitude toward co-workers. Work may be unstable, due to a tendency to drift from job to job, or the work environment may be unpleasant.

    Jobs may be related to travel, publishing, hospitals, medicine etc.

    Source(s): 8yrs astrologer
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