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Why does Turkey deny the armenian genocide, even though there is much proof?

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    First of all we should ask: WHY ARMENIANS KEEP ARCHIVES CLOSED?

    A research made by U.S. White House showed that Armenians massacred 2 millions Muslim Ottoman people. Armenians do not welcome the idea of opening archives and discussing the events because they are afraid of this truth to come to agenda.

    Legal advisor to U.S. President Ronald Reagan, Bruce Fein commented over allegations of genocide. Stating that genocide allegations are groundless, Fein said that the issue was searched by White House during Presidency of Ronald Reagon in 1981. Fein said that the results of research proved that the allegations of genocide are groundless.

    Fein said, “We should not forget how Ottoman Empire threated minorities with greath care and attention which could be thought as unbelievable. Minorities continued their religious freedom and lives comfortably”.


    Terrorist Armenian organizations massacred Ottomans during World War One, cooperating with France and Russia. The number 2 million is truth. It is proved that the loss of Armenians is about 500 thousand. The main point here is the betrayal of Armenians. What Ottoman Empire did was just defending itself. Especially U.S. Armenians are getting unearned income from allegations of genocide and U.S. administration does not want to have Armenians against itself since really big amount of money is circling around. Armenians insisting to not to open their archives related to this issue. Becuase they do not want to lose their income that their lies bring to them. The truth will appear as fast as archives are opened.

    You can check it too..

    And see armenian terrorists( ASALA)

    E-book: (see page19( as a page number) )

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    The Republic of Turkey, the successor state of the Ottoman Empire, denies the word genocide is an accurate description of the events. In recent years, it has faced repeated calls to accept the events as genocide. To date, twenty countries have officially recognized the events of the period as genocide, and most genocide scholars and historians accept this view.The majority of Armenian diaspora communities were founded as a result of the Armenian genocide.

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    There have been many questions asked on this subject, you can find related answers there. I actually wonder what those proofs are, claiming the existence of something vigorously does not indicate the existence of that object/person/creation in reality. (Had that been the case, aliens would also be recognized all around the world.) Fabricated telegrams written by Armenians who are not thoroughly informed about the use of Ottoman Turkish or who have a bad memory when it comes to dates do not prove mass scale killings, nor does trains designed to transport people from war areas to more peaceful ones prove the existence of a genocide. BUT mass graves and concentration camps do *indicate* to a genocide. Rounding up of people on the basis of their race or "genus" *all around* a region controlled by a specific power does prove the existence of a genocide.

    Just a correction: Taner Akçam is not Turkish, so there's no need to quote his name because the reason why Armenians cite him is because they think the fact that he was educated in Turkey gives makes him more convincing on the subject, which is hardly the case. He is not even a historian, you can hardly be a good historian with poor language skills and only a couple of years of graduate study in *sociology*. That would be an insult to real historians who spend years to learn languages, study *history* and do researches in dusty archives for years and years to uncover or use already available information based on historical *documents*. I do not think a scholar with unimpressive credentials who is only known among the Armenians for his emotive biased articles and lectures that support the Armenian cause should be sold out to the world as if he's a world-wide respected authority on the subject. Akçam is mostly known for his close affinities with the PKK terrorist organization in Turkey, he's a better terrorist than he is a scholar I should say.

    Since there is little room for the execution of his outdated, anarchistic, radical ideas in today's Turkey, after his flirting with the terrorists, now he's chosen to attack Turkey under the guise of a "historian" and profit himself like he has never done in his life by using the Armenian diaspora abroad.


    Related readings:

    (Check the credentials of Norman Stone and compare it with Akçam's the difference is enormous. I should say for people familiar with the academia need to introduction to Mr. Stone.)

    The article is too long however, read the paragraph that starts with

    "Diaspora Armenians claim that ‘historians’ accept the genocide case. There is some preposterous

    organization called ‘association of genocide scholars’ which does indeed endorse the Diaspora

    line, but who are they and what qualifications do they have? Knowing about Rwanda or Bosnia or

    even Auschwitz does not qualify them to discuss Anatolia in 1915, and the Ottoman specialists

    are by no means convinced of the ‘genocide’. There is in fact an ‘A’ team of distinguished

    historians who do not accept the Diaspora line at all. In France, Gilles Veinstein, historian of

    Salonica and a formidable scholar, reviewed the evidence in a famous article of 1993 in

    L’Histoire. Back then the Armenian Diaspora were also jumping up and down about something

    or other, and Veinstein summed up the arguments for and against, in an admirably fair-minded

    way. The fact is that there is no proof of ‘genocide’, in the sense that no document ever appeared,

    indicating that the Armenians were to be exterminated."

    The article also refutes the "so many proofs" Armenians put forward.

    If you need any more articles to read, let me know.

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    This is history you are living in the past and it has nothing to do with travel but thanks for the 2 points.

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    Turkey did not exist when the Armenian genocide took place....keep that in mind.

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    damn it! If we turks did a genocide in the past, we did not a proper job because some of you idiots are still alive and very annoying!

    Somalian who re..I just want this endless and ridiculous discussions to end, because its senseless. You btw have nothing incommon with this matter, why do you stick your nose in places where it does not belong? Whats it to you? Kiss my feet you miserable little twit. Go back under that rock where you belong

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    Turkish historian Taner Akcam

    explains the roots of Turkey's

    denial of the genocide as

    follows: "The founders of the

    republic were members of the

    party which organized the genocide.

    They either participated in the

    killing, or they became rich by

    plundering Armenian property.

    It's not easy for a state or a

    nation to call its founding fathers

    murderers and thieves."

    * It should also be noted that Turks who

    do openly declare their acknowledgment of

    the Armenian Genocide being factual

    are subject to alienation, and most

    often are labeled a traitor.

    And like with Akcam, it is common

    practice for the ultra-fanatic, Turk nationalists

    to accuse these Turks of lacking Turkishness...

    It surely is a shameful act.....

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    BRIAN will come and answer your question perfectly.

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    Ask your self this, why do most criminals deny their crimes?

    ever heard of killer saying "yes i killed"?

    ever heard of a drug dealer saying "yes i sell drugs"?

    figure out the answer and you will get it.

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