im giving and wanting advise/moves on turning your boyfriend/girlfriend on ;] ?

heres a couple things i do.

well the ear seems to be one of the best spots to really turn them on,

nibble on his ear

suck his ear

stick your tongue in and out repeatably in his earlobe** (i looove when my boyfriend does this! suuuch a turn on! ;] )

stick your hand up his/her shirt


touch the body where you'd want to be touched

moan a little in his ear and breath deeply

this all can lead to many thing.

me and my boyfriend havnt had sex but id love for it to get that far ;] sooo if you have any advise for me too, id love it!

the things do lead to dry humping, so anyone else got any other moves??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    mmm my gf likes it when i grab her as*

    i love when she touches my arms muscle

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