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I have a question about my two dogs?

One is a male lab the other is a shi zu female. The male is older and has been neutered. The female has not been spade yet.

I purchased a second dog because I felt like my lab was getting lonely.

The problem i am having is she wont leave him alone. However he seems to love the attention she gives him

The female shi zu is constantly cuddled underneath him or licking him on his face. When i try to separated her from him she shows me her teeth and snarls and runs back towards him. I honestly have no clue of what this means.

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    she noes he is a higher pack member so that is why she licks his face and she is being a little protective or she things becuase she feels u threatened her she runs to her ''protecter'' which is ur male fix this problem and spay her

  • 1 decade ago

    i think they may jjust be good friends. get your shih tzu spayed because she maybe being having reproductive urges but ur male dog has already gotten over them because hes neutered. so it might be because she wants to reproduce because her body naturally tells her to. as long as there are no puppies, then i think itll be okay. my advice: go get her spayed

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    You've already asked this question and I've already answered it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Female is showing mating behavior.

    Please spay your female.

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