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How do I get rid of hermit crab parasites?

I need to know! these parasites look like little tiny pieces of crawling rice and are really fast! Ive seen 3-5 on my crab and am going to boil all shells and food dishes tommorow. do I need to do anything more! plz help!

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    Good job boil the shells and dishes..you will need to change the substrate too..and if they are on your crabs..you MUST submerge your crab in treated freshwater or treated saltwater several times a day..you will see the mite float out of the shell into the water.. keep dunking (for several seconds) until no more mites float out..it may take several dunks over 1- 2 days.. be warned Mites CAN and WILL KILL your crabs.

    Source(s): Owner of 35+ hermits
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