i cant get over my X-girlfriend :(?

its been like 3-4 months and im only 12 years old i shouldnt be this way im a kid i want to be happy and i cant please dont just go off and tell me"your 12 you dont know what love is" blah blah blahhh, tell me why i cant love??? i love my family, i love my dog, so why cant i love a girl? beacuse im a kid? tell me you havent been heart broken for the first time when you were little??? so just get off this question if your that kind of person... i dont care what anyone says... im just torn up about it...i thought about asking a girl to homecoming but i dont think it will be the same... am ussally sad and crying i dont really know what to say im just so sad and torn up its the most horrible feeling in the world i hate girls and love.... its like taking two paper plates super gluing them together and tearing them apart, theres pices left behind :( i dont know its also a horrible feeling when they go and date someone else the hardest thing is watching the one you love love someone else... they only dated for like a week i know that stupied in all but we dated for a year and i didnt think about what would i feel like when we broke up, i guess im going to ask her to homecoming if she says no **** her ill ask the other girl, she says no shes still cool in my book... if i dont have a date to homecoming, **** it bros befor hoes haha, but really could someone give me some advise beside"you have to get over her" ive heard it 100000 times thanks alot everyone i just dont wanna be sad anymore :'(

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    Im sorry :( but you should find someone better :) and then she'll be the sad one.

    Also dont show her your upset cuz if she sees that she'll think your pathetic so find someone better. A tip that impresses me is to make her laugh and dont judge her. I hate that.

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    Well dude. I can't really tell you that it's going to be ok, but you have to let this go. take it from me. I too was in relationship, we broke up, and we got over and now were friends. But don't compare my situation to mine. what I'm saying is, that you will get over it. So what if she wasn't 'The One' there are others out there for you. I'm positive.

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