Can I reject repairs for vehicle that has damages for more then $15,000?

1 month ago I bought brand new 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Then last weekend I was driving with my family to camping and we hit the deer on the highway at 65 MPH. The car got smashed and deer died. Car got towed to local shop. Adjuster did preliminary inspection just from looking around and the damages already got up to $15K. He told me that car has to be moved from lot to one of the repair facilities for final inspection. There is damage to front and they need to remove radiator and other components to see if there is more damage. So total could be higher. They told me the vehicle is new with only 2K miles and the retail on it is about 30K. If damages will not exceed 80% then they will fix car. I was hoping that they will total it as it is a mess. They need at least 60 hours for repairs and 30 something ours for painting and details. So my question is - is there any way to reject repair and vehicle overall legally? I drive my daughter a lot and I am afraid that car will not be safe anymore. Or am I stuck with it and have no chances other then repair it and sell after? Please explain if you know. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

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    You can't reject them repairing it.

    You CAN insist they take it to your Ford dealer, have them repair it, and trade it in. You can trade it into them wrecked and have your new car in a couple of days.

    I have seen it done several times.

    But you can forget rejecting repairs.

    Source(s): Used to work in body shops, Im not making this up.
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    The insurance company has not decided to repair the car.

    They have told you to take it to a body shop and have it torn down so that they can see if there is any additional damage. If they see more damage once they tear the car down, they will add that to the estimate.

    If that additional damage brings the repair total to 80% then it would total.

    If the car is repairable - it will be repaired according to industry standards. If properly repaired, the car will be safe to drive.

    If the car does not reach the threshold where the law deems the car a total - the company will repair it. If the estimate reaches the point where the law deems the car a total loss....then they will total it.

    Something else to think about - since you just purchased the car 1 month ago - there is a chance you are "upside down" on the car loan.

    IF the car is a total loss - they have to price the car out as a used car because that's what it is. If you went to sell the car, prior to the incident, you would sell it as a used car. Most likely, you would not get paid the same amount for the car as what you paid the dealer for it 1 month ago. The old adage that a car depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot is true. That's because the car goes from being "new" to "used" as soon as you drive it away. Unless you put a big down payment on the car when you purchased could end up still owing on the car.

    If they repair the car and you don't want it're welcome to sell it or trade it once you get it back from the repair shop.

    Before you ask - most states do not recognize first party diminished value claims. That means, you can't be paid for any loss of value if the car is repaired. Diminished value is not covered under comprehensive coverage.

    Source(s): Insurance Adjuster 12 years
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    Never Take you car to a APPROVED SHOP. it means they work for the insurance company you have not choice on what aftermarket "Taiwan trash" or wrecked used parts they will put on your car. most insurance shops don't use good materials parts, or labor. You would have a better chance of winning the power ball than getting your car fixed right if you take it to a direct repair facility. Search around and find a body that repairs high end cars. Make sure to get a post collision repair inspection. take your car to a independent shop not affiliated with the insurance company or have any interest of making additional repairs. you will need to pay for this yourself. Do a search on youtube

    \ for post collision repair inspection and look at the horror stories.

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    It does not take much damage to rack up $20K nowadays on cars. You probably wont have an unsafe car after this, but the paint will possibly not match. It is so new, that may not even be a problem. You will now have this damage on the car's record forever. That means car-fax will show it and your buyer will talk you down.

    It sucks to have a new car that is now going to feel like a junker to you. But at least no one was hurt. Insurance companies are not interested in helping you out by paying off the car. You can try to contest this but insurance companies are among the few elite that run this country. You will probably just end up out court costs on top of everything else.

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    I think all you can do is hope they find more damage. Hopefully they fix everything, and not just be told to do it cheaply by the adjuster. Keep expressing your safety concerns.

    You can insist you have it done at a shop you choose, that way you know the adjuster isn't telling them how to fix it.

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    alll this speculation/get adjuster and he is the man/get car looked at for maybe hidden damages and insist the adjuster has it opened up to determing the amount of damage to the car/tell the adjuster that you have babies and this car must be safe/he may write a little heavy and total it/be nice but be firm about the safety angle/by the by his word is the one that determines everything

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