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What to the words socialist and socialism mean in USA English please?

How do they differ from the meanings in other countries English please?


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- what DO the words socialist and socialism mean in USA English please?

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    socialism is a flowery term for is when govts take money of taxpayers,who earned it,and gives it away to people who did not work for is redistributing of peoples is it not slavery???

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    I can't particularly give you insight on other countries interpretation of the term, but in the United States it's used as a scare tactic. Socialism is maligned with Fascism, Stalinism, Communism (you see that in the previos answer), and many other ism's to scare people, even when that ism is just about as far from Socialism that you can get. People are blind to see the truth sometimes.

    It's also maligned with such vilians as Hitler, Musilini (spelling), Sadam Husane (spelling), and just about any bad guy from the past, even when none of them were socialists.

    But does anyone scream Socialism when they call 911? The police and fire departments are very Socialist. Everyone pays a small amount for the good of all.

    How about the most Socialized medicine in the world, the USA's VA (Veterans Aministration) medical system. The VA owns the hospitals, employs the doctors, owns the equipment, etc.... Nobody complains about the care they get with the VA. However they may look at Harry Reid medical center and it's more recent scandall and say "See, govt doesn't work". When in fact Harry Reid is privately owned and run, proving the exact opposite that big business can't be trusted.

    Sorry about the long answer.

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