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how can I get on a less strict grounding?

I have this new boyfriend meaning new we just confirmed our relationship a few days ago but also a few days ago i got grounded for getting suspended at school. The thing i got suspended for was not for like drugs or fighting or anything it was because i havent had my license for a year and i drive these other girls from my school to ROP. (a 2 period class at a different highschool) so my dad was mad about that and grounded me for a month. He says im not allowed to do anything after school or on the weekends but i still can have my phone. well he doesnt get off til 6 during the week but friday saturday and sunday he doesnt have to work. my mom doesnt care as much as far as the hanging out with the bf after school. My mom knows that me and this guy have been hanging out for awhile and that were together i told her not necessarily bf gf but together. So my bf's birthday is saturday and he wants to do something with me but im afraid my dad wont let me hang out with him since im grounded. Im not very close with my dad and hes kind of the protect the daughter sort of guy and has never really known of any guys I have been with so Im not sure how to tell him about my bf. I want to make an agreement with him like I can only see my bf until a certain time on these days or whatever. Im fine with not seeing my other friends because I have school with them but my bf is a year older then me so he has graduated and i dont see him other then after school and on the weekend. well I have a hour break during school which i go over to his house and hang out with him during that time but I want to see him more then that. what should I do with my being grounded situation and what should i tell my dad or what would be a good agreement to make with him? Parents of teenagers answers would be greatly appreciated since you have a feel on my situation. thanks

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    Hi hit the one thing u care about right? Hes hit the target, upset you with grounding so hopefully you will conform to the rules, no matter whose rules they are, and leave him out of it.

    I dont see him saying yes, its a month. You can ask for one night to go out with friends and a guy you like and see how it goes, but I doubt it will help, the more he knows this punishment was spot on for his pupose, the more he will want to enforce maybe.

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