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My dog threw up twice today and i don't know why?

First he threw up around 5 hours ago when we were in the car -- so I thought that it was just car sickness but he just threw up again now (it's 7:30). Both times it was less than an hour after he ate. It's not solid but it does smell like food and you can tell that it is food. I'm really worried does anyone know what i can do?

BTW. he is about 5 months and a yorkie schnauzer mix if that helps. He weighs about 11-13 pounds right now.

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    take the food away for the night. If he is still vomiting in the morning, take him to the vet.

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    Ftrst you probably gave him a greenie first thing in the morning then let him out and he ate some grass...overkill on the green stuff.

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