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goldfish are not swimming,they stay on the bottom of the tank,plus I have one with a bump on top of the skin.?

I have one fish that have a bump on top of the skin.and I'm afraid that it might hurt my other fishes.Can any one help me with my question? Thank you so much.

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    NOT MUCH TO SAY AFTER troublewolf's fantastic answer...

    for now please worry about ur water params... it is proabably ammonia poisioning...

    is it a new tank ? has it cycled ? did u recently overfeed ur fish, or avoided gravel vaccums/partial water changes ?

    it is most likely to be an ammonia spike

    also do check for pH... they exhibit bottom sitting when they r too stressed

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    How large a tank? If the tank is out of balance, then they might be suffering from ammonia psoioning or anything else. test the water. if you do have a test kit (and you should) take some water to your pet store and they will do it for free usually.

    The bump might be a healing wound or a tumor. goldfish can get tumors that do not effect their life much. This "bump" is not fuzzy looking or red, is it? It's hard to tell you exactely what to do when I can't see it myself to figure out what it is. but if its a tumor, there nothing you can do. if its a parasite, then there are meds. but treating fish when they are not ill is just as bad as not treating them. I wish there was a good picture of this lump/bump.

    Tell us how your fish are housed, tank size, filter, etc. that way we can help more.

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    Since gold fish are not expensive the easiest thing to do when a fish get's (sick) is to flush it. One bottle of fish medicine to treat one fish cost more that a dozen new fish and it never seems to cure the fish they die anyway. More than likely the fish with the bump will infect your other fish. The usual cause of gold fish swimming on the tank is oxygen starved water in the upper level. An accumulation of algae are consuming the oxygen. The cure for this is having a large size tank filter that hangs on the top edge of the rim that returns the water to the tank by dropping it from the filter lip.The falling water stirs up the water replacing the oxygen in the upper levels.Gold fish can live in muddy water as thick as soup if there is oxygen for them to breath. They are remarkably hardy. In the winter back east you can see them swimming under the ice in small ponds.So, no heater is required for them. You don't need to remove them from the tank when you change their water.It is not good to over handle the fish because it stresses them. You must leave a small layer of water (enough to barely keep them covered)- Completely replacing all the water is a no-no!

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