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An electron travels 1.74 m in 7.38 × 10−8 s. How fast does it travel? Answer in units of cm/s.?

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    the formula for this equation is v=d/t, where 'v' is velocity/speed, 'd' is distance, and 't' is time.

    Now we need to substitute in the numbers: 1.74 / 7.38*10^-8. This is equals 23,577,253.78 m/s. To convert this into cm/s, divide by 100, so the final answer is 235,772.5378 cm/s.

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    1.74m/[7.38x10^(-8)]s = 2.36x10^(9)m/s = 2.36 x 10^(11)cm/s

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