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any archery fans out there?

i just started because we do it in pe at school. and i LOVE it!!!!!!!! so much.

i was wondering if there was anyway to do it outside of school.

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    I love it. I've been shooting for 10 years now (since i was around 3)

    Look and see if your town has an archery club. That's the best place to do it so your surrounded by people who love the same thing.

    Good luck (and its nice to see another girl interested in the wonderful sport)

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    Yes, there are archery clubs all around the country.

    If you cannot find them in the yellow pages, try the nearest sporting good store, or almost any outdoors club, gun club and hunting club wil have the information you need.

    One of the great parts of archery is you don't have to be a hunter to enjoy the sport.

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    Yes i do,im in the Ohio team..

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