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Do you think promoting the "BBW" image gives women a false sense of security?

There is nothing wrong with a woman being a little overweight, but when you obese women being "confident" and content with their bodies, there is something wrong.

With the US and UK now facing obesity epidemics do you think more could be done to promote healthier women?


BBW - Big Beautiful Woman

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    Yes it does give them a false sense of security, and seems to breed animosity, where there can only be two groups of people, those that are rail thin, and those that are not.

    In my opinion rail thin people are just as disgusting as BBW's. Neither one is normal or healthy.

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    There is a vast difference between a Big Beautiful Woman and someone who is grossly obese. A BBW is a woman who junoesque, statuesque, robust woman. Think of the model Emme, who is indeed a BBW. She is tall, stately, filled out. WHat she does not have is rolls of flab hanging over her skirtwaist or slabs of flesh hanging from her arms. Some people are just bigger, more filled out than others. These people are every bit as attractive as a thin person. But obesity means that one is just carrying a bunch of fat around that will eventually suffocate them.

    BBW is good is the person actually fits the definition. Obese is bad. And come on people, we know the difference. If at one time you were a size 5 and are now a size 20, you aren't a BBW, you are just fat.

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    I have no idea who is a BBW and who isn't.

    I will never be a size 4. Probably not even a size 6. I wear a size 8-9 depending on who makes the outfit in question.

    But I would consider myself a healthy person. I work out at least 5 times a week and try to eat healthy. Some women are considered "big" but are actually not so obese at all. And they make the effort to take care of themselves.

    Western culture focuses entirely too much on how someone looks, and not the deeper issue of how they treat their bodies.

    Instead of trying to define someone as Big and Beautiful to make them feel good about themselves, we should already be treating these people as human beings anyway. What we need to focus on is health choices. Some people are fat because they have absolutely no clue how to be healthy.

    In the states, where everything except a woman is better when it's bigger, we've lost control of our portion sizes completely. To top it off, many folks have no idea how to start an exercise program that's adequate for their calorie burning needs and overall heart health.

    The emphasis needs to be on educating people on their own health, not knocking them down or sheltering them based on their appearance. Ditto for men too. It's always okay for men to be fat it seems, but really no one wants to look at your saggy tummies.

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    I've been 30 lbs overweight in my life, couldn't quite achieve BBW status. It was easier to lose some weight. I think very few really, really obese women think they are beautiful. If it makes them feel better to call themselves BBWs, okay. Men who are really large like to think of themselves as the "teddy bear" type. I don't think the BBW promotes obesity. Really large women aren't blind to the fact that they get less love and attention from the world.

    I classify BBWs as women who are size 18-20 and over in today's sizes. I am an 8 and there are people that think I'm too fat. At least I try.

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    There are shed loads of BBW pron out there, so obviously there are lots of men who like it. It's not exactly unnatural. Fat women have been popular at various stages of history.

    Regarding health, Bonzai Betty has the best answer. Regarding sexuality, no. There's plenty of demand out there.


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    Yes, I hate that people feel like either ou have to be a size zero, or you can be any size you want.

    We should promote the healthy body weight, which really has huge variability.

    For my height of 5'6'' I could be anywhere from 118 to 155 and be considered healthy.

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    I don't believe that image is being promoted for the truly obese but for those who weigh more than they should. Staying at that particular weight even if it means being overweight, is far healthier than "yo-yo dieting".

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    I think it helps a woman who is big and beautiful feel better about herself. If she feels better about herself, she may treat herself better. That means she might take some me-time to work out, and if she likes her body she might choose better foods to for it.

    I think it's also a reaction to the other extreme. Hopefully some day we can find a sensible middle ground.

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    I'm still trying to figure out what a BBW that size 12, 16, 47??

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    I'm honestly not into fat chicks, its just the way it is for me. Yes I do think lately fat is becoming more and more acceptable. I see girls saying their best part of them are "my curves" when they are clearly wayyyyy more than curves.

    We need to really fix this problem in America. It will save everyone money from wasting it on food.

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