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What is the job of an MP?

What exactly is the job description of an MP? Is it just like being a cop, but for the military?



haha ok. Didn't know if there was more to it :)

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    yeah. "Military Police" ... Police in the Military.

    They have a significant combat role too. Basically area security. Also used to guard POW's.

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    They're normally used much like a civilian cop, but once in a warzone they are also used to keep the rear areas secure (like from the German infiltrators used in the Battle of the Bulge).

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    Miltary Police, also known as Redcaps in the UK. Primarily to police the army and deal with offenders there, they don't extend to civilians unless they commit an offence on military property.

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    Just like the Title says

    It's a cop

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    Basically, the video is a little more in dept.

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    Pretty much, yep.

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