I need help with a boy... any advice?

I met this guy on a game i used to play and i think we're like soul mates... he said that he loved me even when he had a girlfriend and i love him too, problem is he's about 900 miles away... can you help?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You do not know this guy in ANY practical way, so you can't be in love with him, nor he with you. Sorry to be so blunt, but this is what humanity is. You are lying to yourself if you think you feel deep, true love at this stage. True love requires you to be honest at all times -- starting with yourself!

    Clearly you "know what all the words are," and you know how to apply them. That doesn't mean for one split-second that you know what the words *mean.* ANY of them.

    So give yourself a break: you may be sophisticated, but you are not yet wise. (Wisdom is essential to love, and to recognizing such beings as "soul mates.") Take your time and grow up properly: learn to love cleanly and naturally. Learn to let love happen, if it can, instead of trying to wish it into existing.

    Wanting to love someone doesn't make it happen. Love can't be forced. But if you push the wish for love hard enough, you *will* make *heartbreak* happen. Probably yours.

    If you just want to enjoy feeling deliciously heartbroken (don't laugh, people enjoy this all the time, as a sort of emotional hobby), then start reading romance novels. Don't mess with real people, looking for heartbreak.

    As for this guy, nice as he is, just be friends with him. Really, a good, honest friendship is stronger than any internet love. Especially when this guy is seeing someone else so dishonestly.


    You know what "the other woman" is, right? The problem that all successful "other women" have is that, once they have their guy all to themselves, and "the first woman" is all gone away, these women remember all the tricks, lies, and deceptions their guy played on his "first woman" before he finally ditched her.

    The former "other woman" can never relax and feel secure in her love: she never knows when he'll start playing *her* (because he's seeing a new "other woman") exactly the way he played his "first."

    So, in this relationship you have, *you* are the "other woman." Are you really sure you want to trust your heart to a guy who isn't trustworthy?

    Besides, how do you know that this wonderful guy hasn't been telling a dozen other online girls that he loves them, too? Answer: you don't. I hope you can intelligently take the matter from here.

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    ummmmmmmmm....... no? Don't... You're an idiot? Yes. Seriously is this is a joke? You trust a guy that supposedly lives 900 miles away who's never seen you in real life or talked to you in real life, who has a girlfriend and picks up chicks though online video games? No... Just no. He's not serious, or he's just pretending or playing with you. I'm sure he doesn't even take you seriously. I don't care what the other answers say, just screw him, be his online gaming buddy and all but don't into real life about this.

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    1 decade ago

    When you don't have to live with someone, it's easy to "be in love". In actuality you're not in love but in love with the idea of being in love. That's all this guy could be a troll and the story would be just the same long distance romance don't work.

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    1 decade ago

    that just depends on where you are both located? me being a guy myself i personally wouldnt leave the one im with for a 900 mile girlfriend,the relationship is too hard to keep of!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I understand. I am in love with this guy about 800 miles away. But long distance relationships are very hard. My advice is to remain close friends as long as possible and if you can wait till you can actually meet. But if u cant wait longer date him but be carefull.

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    Truely don't waste your time long distance relationship have to involve alot of trust, which is usually not present in neither side, the relationship will either end because of jelousy or honesty, I've been through this. Trust me worst thing that you could ever do

  • it can work but only if you see eachother maybe like atleast once or twice a year... but id make sure hes not like a pedafile first. have you webchatted with him and such to make sure?

    but yeah my friend (illinois) has been going out with her boyfriend (CANADA!!!) for a year and a half now and theyre going strong! but they see eachother twice a year and hes moving to illinois in a year or two... so unless that kind of luck happens with you and this guy..

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    1 decade ago

    Your blinded by the false sight of love!

    You haven't even seen the guy before! He could be a she! S/he could be a pedifile!

    At least meet each other in person before you call it love!

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    1 decade ago

    My advice...

    Find a guy who actually lives 50 miles near you...

    Even when he had? How do you know he isn't with her, screwing her brains out?

    You're infatuated, but you can't physically love him because you haven't met him yet.

    My suggestion? Give up, and find someone else to be with..

  • 1 decade ago

    Unless you are a long distance relationship kind of gal or someone plans on moving not a lot you can do.

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