can i be pregnant?some one please help!!!?

i had a misscarrige on april 29 2009 and it took me forever i did it on my own no dnc i didnt get my period back until july7 2009 i bleed for 5 weeks until aug 10 2009 i took pregnancy test and they come out neg and now i started on sept 13 and its only lasted 2 days wich is not normal for me and its not heavy but not so light either ive been trying soo hard to get pregnant so can u please help?????

1 Answer

  • dont worry hun i had a miscarriage 2 months ago and my periods are all over the place.. until your body starts regulating the way it use to it may be a little difficult to fall pregnant...

    your body was gearing up for 9 months of no ovulation and no period preparing itself to hold a baby so it gets confused when all that gets taken away in an instant....

    I would try clearblue digital OPK im doing that this month i hear they are really reliable.... my first period lasted 4 days and now 9 days =/ heaps confusing

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