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how would youact towardsyou boyfriend if this happened help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

a girl &im 13 & myboyfriend dosent say much to me in person butover the phone..yeah, okay if my boyfriend of almost 2 years...

(& i dont want to be the girlfriend that gets mad over everything.) okay.

-Play fighting with my bestfriend constantly(shes a girl also)..

-&hes really shy towards me what do i do.?

-always hugging my friends ¬ so much me &dosent really kiss me:/

what do i do what do i say to him.?!!!

UGH & it pisses me off because today he was walking me to my friends moms car,but (that same bestfriend that he playfighting with) was like no isaiah(my bf) stay with me till my ride gets here, & he toldherhe mightgo back after hefinished walking me (idk what to do but thats ****** up hes my bf!) what do i do about it

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    I would just chill about it for now. If he's worth it he'll stick around for you. It's ok for him to be nice to your friends, some guys just like hugging girls and it doesn't mean he doesn't like you. Maybe he is being shy around you because he really does like you and doesn't know how to say so. Just be patient with him.

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    Your best friend doesnt sound like much of a friend and i think your boy might be in her crosshairs. stop hanging out with her when youre with him and see if anything changes

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    this is how things would go:

    me: hey i wanna talk to you alone for a sec

    guy:well ok

    *in empty hallways*

    me:were braking up


    *slaps guy across face*

    me: thats what you get for treating me wrong and in the friend zone.Jerk...

    answer mine?;_ylt=AnHzP...

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    tell him you want changes. tell him you dont feel wanted and for him to change his ways. you could always break up with him if he doesnt listen to you. what kind of bf is he?

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