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My computer is moving very slow?

ok i`ve tried doing a virus scan,disk cleaner,defragment but still no luck at this point its at dial speed any ways you can help me


its the internet

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    Maybe there's an earthquake? Lol

    It's probably your ISP, or maybe your telephone line has some problems... try connecting your modem in a different telephone jack...

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    is it moving slowly during games? or just slowly in general? what are the stats of your computer? like how much RAM does it have? what is the Video Card? stuff like that. Also how many programs do you have set up to start as soon as windows starts. Down in the task bar where the clock is, how many icons are there? having a lot will drastically slow down your computer.

    Oh and anthony... the early 1990's called...they want their joke back...

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    Hmm.. well I'd first try to tie it down so it doesn't escape

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lol do you mean running very slow.

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