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Where should I look for good off base housing?

my husband is in the navy and is stationed at NAS Oceana were looking for a one bedroom town house or really nice apartment close to the base. i have been over so many online searches and all i can find is buying a house nothing for renting.. please help

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    Try Waterfront Apartments. They are nice and have some good amenities. They have a swiming pool, hot tub, gym, tennis court, and have holiday events. There is also a grocery store right behind them along with a pizza hut, chinese restaurant and a nail salon. They also give a military discount.

    Source(s): Im from Virginia Beach born and raised. If you have any more questions about the area just ask.
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    This is the best place to start: http://www.ahrn.com/ you type in the area you are going to and it will find places listed on it that are under the BAH amount for that base. Some people listing are military themselves as well. You can also check with the housing office to see if they have recommendations as well. Sometimes when going through the site and the housing office the security deposit could be reduced or even waived.

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    all i can say is if you want something nice you probably dont want something close to the base because from my experience, i have found that nothing really close to the base is really nice. usually houses,even apartments, right outside the base are in a really bad neighborhood.

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