need chemistry help!!?

working on a project an cannot figure out how to get the total concentration of a whole solution. we are using..

5 microL of ethanol (density .79g/ml and molecular weight of 30 g/mol)

1mg of a compound known as pgf (molecular weight of 475.62 g/mol)

I am so lost and dont know where to start.. please help!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You did not say how you want the answer. Moles PgF per L? But here goes. Let uL denote microliter. Let ethanol be called EtOH.

    1mgPgF/5uLEtOH x 1gPgF/1000mGPgF x 1molPgF/475.62gPgF x 1x10^6ul/L = 0.420 mole/L PgF

    That is the concentration in moles per L.

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