My husband is a recent Navy enlistee. Job: MAchinest Mate. Where could he be stationed?

Just wondering. It will be a few more months. His job is MM. Recriuters said possibly Hawii or Virginia. What can you all tell me?


I dont want to go to Hawii!

Update 2:

He can do either auxilary or weapons as far as the type of MM

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    deep in the bowels of a ship...where it's hotter than hell and the days never end...the Navy couldn't function without them...Virgina is easy...Hawaii, not so much

    Source(s): USN retired
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    MMs work in the engineering spaces on ships. The greatest number of ships are in Norfolk, Virginia and San Diego, CA. So those are most likely. Peal Harbor, HI; Bremerton, Washington; Mayport, Florida and Sasebo and Yokosuka, Japan also have significant numbers of ships there and could be a possibility.

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    If submarines, he could go to Washington state or San Diego besides Hawaii and Virginia. There is also Kings bay, Georgia.

    If you and your hubby like the cool weather and are into hunting, fishing, and camping, then Washington state is the place to go.

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    depends on where he's needed,,,the house you live in should have a short hop from a secure entrance to a bathroom & shower without need to trapse through the house,he'll show up greasy,goopy,hot and tired after 3-5 days no sleep,,vinyl flooring,etc,

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  • 1 decade ago

    San Diego or Norfolk.

  • 1 decade ago

    San Deigo or Florida.

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