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anyone out there understand,?

i miss my ex girl friend like a died relative i always think of her and cry wen im alone...its been 2 years ...she calls me maybe once a month but tells me about the other guys in her life... i try so hard to get passed this ....wenever im alone at home is wen i reminice...plus i woke up this morning from a dream and she was in it like old timess...please help ,this is eatn me up inside....

ive been single since ..this was my first everything. after the break up i have been having sex with about 16 differnt woman n i still miss my first. i havent dated jus had lots of sex. i feel dicusted with my self n i dont know wat to do ... i dnt wanna drink or smoke my feelings away . idk , i feel like the last piece of bread that no one wants....

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    My mom use to tell me "there is no pain or hurt like your your first love". I know what your feeling ive been through it, I thought I would never get over him. You will never be able to replace her, and having sex with different woman wont lessen the pain. If she still cared for you she would spare your feelings by not mentioning other guys while shes on the phone with you. So let go and move on she has, don't forget your good times with her but don't linger on them. Good luck.

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    You will not be able to move on until you stop obsessing about her. Maybe you should break the contact and do not keep tabs on her either. Find something of interest, to you to keep yourself involved. You will not be able to move on with another until you feel good about and happy with yourself.

    Thumbs up for not sinking into drugs or alcohol but .........risky sex is not the answer either.

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    You need to chase this girl. Hard. I don't mean be a creeper and stalker her, but you need to seriously go after her if you care about her that much. And when everyone tells you to give up because she'll never go out with you, don't listen to them. They have no idea what they are talking about.

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    Daniel sometimes Love hurts. In this case a loved one hurt and let you down. Sometimes its hard to let go of someone we love. I am happy to hear that you arent turning to bad habits for comfort, those things could never fill your void or bring you happiness. What I would like to suggest to you is to hand your life over to God. One thing is that he Loves us and he would never leave you or hurt you. And he can fill that void, and take away your pain by filling it with better things.

    The Bible is a wonderful book. You could think of it as a personal letter to each one of us from God. The reason I say personal is because God looks at each one of us as an individual. We are all different with different personalities and so he sees in each one of us something special and he knows how to appeal to our unique qualities. What he wants you to do is read it because there is something in there that can reach your heart. When God reaches our hearts it helps us to make good changes, changes so that we can gain everlasting life.

    The Bible has helped make so many peoples lives better and happier. Would you like to learn what the Bible teaches? Things like Who is God? Why are we here? Why is there so much suffering in the world? Why do we die? What do I need to do to gain everlasting life?

    Jehovah's Witnesses offer free home Bible studies to anyone who wants to learn. You may have spoken to them before when they were out in the ministry. You can contact them at the local Kingdom Hall in your area or you can write to 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn NY, 11201-2483 and they can have someone in your area to come and talk to you. Remember its free and there is no obligations, just learn on your time and at your own pace. I promise you that you wont regret it. Remember this, Jesus said in prayer to his Father: This means everlasting life, they are taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ. (John 17:3) Best Wishes to you.

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    I have reviewed your questions and answers closely and here is my answer for you.

    Yes, you are a loser. Smoking and drinking your feelings away will ultimately bring an end to your pathetic suffering when you go insane. Maybe somebody will pick up your stale crust anddip you in their soup.

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    Stop taking phone calls from your ex. She's not very nice if she's calling you to tell you of her boyfriends. She's getting some kind of thrill keeping you from moving on.

    You can't move on with your life if you are still talking to her. She sounds poisonous to me.

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  • Get over it man, stop bonein fat chicks and get on with your life, go to the gym, get a hobby or business, go hang with guy friends and stop being a pussy!

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