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Where should i buy things online? (safe)?

i want to buy things online but i had a problem with ebay and i want to know other places to go

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    It is unfortunate that you had a problem with ebay. I have bought quite a few items on ebay and have never had a problem. Even returned several items and received refunds. is a good place to shop. I have shopped there for years and years. Cabela's is also good, especially their sale items. Their returns are easy too.

    To tell you the unvarnished truth, I would rather shop on the internet any day than go to the mall.

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    One method of using Ebay safely is to pay with your credit card. You can use your credit card when using Paypal. If there's a dispute, dispute the charge directly with your credit card company within 60 days of billing. I've done that at least once with an item in the $20 range and gotten a full refund. I've let a few things under $10 slide. I think I started once w/something in the $40 range, but the seller refunded. Never trust emails from PayPal saying that they need to update your account information. There's a big black market in phishing for info w/ Ebay/Paypal.

    Bad Ebay sellers sometimes slip thru the cracks until outlandish things happen, but lengthy track records usually give a decent indicator.

    Dealing directly with the company/store online may be the safest way, provided that you have gotten to their genuine website, are dealing with a reputable company, don't have odd spywares on your computer, and keep records of transactions by printing or storing web page images or .mht files where all the files are encoded into a single file.

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    Depends on where you are buying from. Companies, and official online stores arent bad like JcPenny, Target, etc but if were talking ebay, you need to be careful. My aunt has a very successful store on there and she always says you should look at people's ''feedback'' before buying something from them and if they dont have much (or if its bad of course), dont buy anything. She's an ebay expert so if you chose to get something from there, make sure you look at the sellers feedback from others.

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    What kind of "things" do you want to buy?

    Practically every major manufacturer and every well known store has a Web site where you can purchase their products on line. Is there some specific item you're looking for?

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    You can get ripped off on Ebay because there you are actually dealing with 3rd parties and not Ebay. I buy most of my stuff at Amazon nowadays. They have pretty much everything, good prices, usually free shipping, and are 100% reliable. Check them out here:

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    Online is a good way to get ripped off

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