how can I decide over the job?

started in this job few months ago. The day I started I did it just for money and I decided to leave in two or three months maximum. Now it's more than that and I have realized that I have no time to look for a job that I like or that's relevant, and also where I can learn more skills and use mine; I just asked myself how long I gonna be staying in a dull job that makes me feel tired and does not *** a thing to my skills. I have developed a negative feeling of unworthiness and I feel overqualified, and that it's not my place.

I want to leave, but I have a deep fear that I won't find a job soon; but the only advantage if I leave is that I gonna have time to study options and look for a job in the field, not just send emails after a long and tiresome day of work.

I need to tell my boss soon.

How can I solve this..?

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    1 decade ago
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    Please, for your sake don't say anything to your boss.

    The times are hard, and they are going to get harder, you should never quit a job, or even talk about it until you already have the next one lined up.

    Just be glad that you are paying the bills, and have the time to find a job you really like, take your time, get the right one.

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